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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stardate 08/31/05 (I won't play the victim anymore!!)

What part would you play in a horror movie???

Lead Victim

Usually you're a female but sometimes male. Despite the fact that you're not the biggest, not the toughest, not the smartest, nor always the fastest, you still get away most of the time make it to the piece of crap sequal.

I won't be the lead victim much longer! I leave Merced for good in three days!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I only hits ya cuz I loves ya. Posted by Picasa

Me mum and Lil. Posted by Picasa

The play within the play...How Shakespearian! Posted by Picasa

In the "forest" with my bow and beaux. Posted by Picasa

My mighty sword in action! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 26, 2005

Special Edition-List Three Quiz Meme

List Three
A. List three things on your desk:
1. A Batman Pez dispenser (Scott gave this to me when we first started dating. For some of you this requires no explanation.)
2. A vulture Beanie Baby (I was not into the whole Beanie Bay craze but I did however rescue two "ugly" babies from the bargain bin in a Sonora doll store. The other baby is a brown bat! I love bats!)
3. A silver creamer cup with the TWU logo on it (It was a strange sort of thank you/going away gift from my professor)

B. List three things you are wearing:
1. A beautiful silver goddess necklace (This was a very sweet and thoughtful gift from Bill. I wear it everyday.)
2. Three black rubber bands (My hair is getting too long for it's own good. I'm starting to feel like Rapunzel.)
3. A pink shirt with Tinker Bell on it (Hey-It's bedtime and I need to do laundry...Give me a break!)

C. List the last 3 things you ate:
1. Cranberry juice (I love cranberry anything! After a long hard day at the park there is nothing like a tall cold glass of tangy cranberry juice.)
2. Low fat graham crackers (Yuck! It was all I could find in our woefully empty pantry.)
3. Root beer with Vanilla (Someone did a Sonic run before the show. I love root beer. It's by far my favorite brown soda!)

D. List the last 3 people you touched:
1. Scott (He was happy to see me come home from the theatre.)
2. Heike (She's a very good friend of mine here in Hell... Also the person who hired me as the SM for Winter's Tale! Heike's very sad that I am leaving so she gave me a hug.)
3. Billy Boy (He too is sad that I am leaving. He gave me a big hug right in the middle of the stage after the show!)

E. List three things you'd love to own:
1. New sheets and towels (My sheets are soooooo old. One sheet looks like it has little moth holes in it. And our towels are in the same shape as the sheets. I think disintegrating would be the best way to describe them! It's on my list of things to buy but that list is long.)
2. A new couch (When we move we are leaving our couch behind. It's old, very uncomfortable and too heavy to take with us. Oh well, I can brave sitting on the floor for a while.)
3. Spoons (I know-Odd thing for a girl to want but the weird thing is between Scott and I with our sad little assortment of mismatched housewares neither of us had very many spoons! Forks too. We have like thirty butter knives but no forks or spoons. Tis strange.)

Stardate 08/26/2005 (Stop)

Vanilla flava Posted by Picasa

There's a new IM chat online...It's much better than AOL's and it's free!!!! Google Talk is the new kid on the block and it's taking! Sign up and we can chat anytime. Do it! I command thee!

Oh-My interview went well...They are making a decision next week. I really hope I get it.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Can't wait to say goodbye to Merced! Posted by Picasa

Good news...I already have two interviews lined up! I have a phone interview tomorrow with a theatre in Seattle for their House Manager position! Yay!! Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Moving on up! Posted by Picasa

Stardate 08/24/2005 (Cold Dinners and Moving Plans)

I just got off the phone with my very good, bestest friend Adam. Like always my call disturbed his quiet life. This time I caught him at dinner. I hate it when people call when you're eating! Although I gave him the option to go he stayed. So I want to say that it is his fault then that his dinner got cold and congealed! Cold dinners aside we had a very nice chat and I appreciate (as always) his patience with my ramblings.

So, Here's the plan people...I leave Merced (09/02) next Friday night...For good!!!!!!!!!!! I will stay with my Mom Saturday and leave there early Sunday. Sunday night I am hoping to stay in Portland. Monday I intend on getting up early and driving to Everett. Erin's place will be base for the days following. I will then have approximately five days to find, apply for and sign the lease for a new apartment! Scott should be leaving Merced the morning after his last day at work (09/06) and join me there! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It's happening very fast now! Craziness!!!!! It's going to be great. I can't wait!

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Goodbye Sunny California! Posted by Picasa

Super Duper Mega Special Update!!!!!!!!

I am happy to announce that this time next month Scott and I will be residence of the state of Washington!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stardate 08/21/2005 (My Inner Goddess Waits)


You are the Goddess of Magic and Peace.
You are a born star. Always supportive and influential,
you are sometimes the centre of attention.
You are friendly to everyone.
You are a classic beauty.

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Saw the movie Kinsey last night...It was amazing! If you have not seen this movie (and you don't have issues with a lot of full frontal nudity) you must rent it!

I am happy that the Pookie has returned to the nest! He was all a flutter last night with tales of the new lands he had seen.

And now we wait some more! Scott should receive his yea or nay phone call first thing in the morning! We are very excited...In fact we just got back from a very long stint at IHOP...(Two pots of coffee)...And all we could talk about was the possibilities we face! Very exciting!!!!

It will be nice to live in a place where we don't have to wake up each morning wondering if our car will be where we parked it the night before! It will be nice to live where we are not minorities. To live in a place that does not alternate smells (sometimes cow, sometimes garlic, sometimes strawberries-And the other day... tomato soup!!???) It will be nice to be near a city where there are things to do and see (like theatre, sports, college, bars and yummy coffee shops!!!)

I think the biggest thing that I regret about having to leave here is my Mom and Lily. I wish they could come too. Scott and I have racked our brains but can come up with no solutions to this problem. So it seems that once again I must say goodbye to them. I guess I always knew it would be hard to remain near them for long.

It is the nature of mine and Scott's professions to move. I am hoping that we will remain wherever we move to next for a long while though. It would be nice to have a place that I truly though of as "home". I don't think that I have had that for a very long time now. I think that it is time once again to find "home".

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Stardate 08/20/2005 (Another Show)

This morning was brutal. I was up at the crack of dawn. I had to be at the theatre at 8:30am. As you may know, theatre folks are not morning people. However bad the attitudes, the show went well...And really that's all that matters.

As to the afore mentioned "Oaf"...He called me a bit after I posted my blog yesterday. He is so excited...So am I. It seems the wait may soon be over. We will know 100% on Monday morning if we are indeed moving. (He assured me that I would be the first to know the news this time :) He was so nervous when he left I was a bit worried about him. I'm so proud of him. His interview went better than great! And he's a wonderful writer so why shouldn't it have?

Anyway, wish me luck...I have yet another show tonight!

Winter's Tale Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 19, 2005

Theseus attempts to woo Hippolyta with his sword. Posted by Picasa

Hippolyta accepts a kiss from Theseus. Posted by Picasa

Well opening night was a success! About fifty people showed up!! It was quite an adventure. I have never been in a show that was outside so I did not know what to expect. First, let me say the park is less than a block from the Amtrak train station...and boy were they running on time tonight! Every twenty minutes loud horns blew their way through our magic night. In between these the VERY persistent ice cream man came around. He was kind enough to play There's No Place Like Home...OVER AND OVER! It was lovely. Despite all of the interruptions the audience loved it! I had a lot of fun. It's a great end of my Merced theatre career.


I guess if you want to know what's going on with Scott you'll have to read Erin's blog...I personally have not heard from him yet but perhaps he will grace me with a phone call sooner or later.

Special Update-Job Search

Scott called me at about 1:25am this morning. He had just checked into a hotel. I guess he had some trouble finding a room! He said the interview went really well. He really liked the people and the paper itself. He was unsure if we would like the town. He said it was small but he had not visited the other two cities near by. I told him almost anything would be better than here! Since it was so late (and I had been asleep for a while) I don't remeber much else about the phone call. He'll be calling tonight so I'll post more when I know.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Romeo and Juliet (Peeps Version) Posted by Picasa

Stardate 08/17/2005 (Oh Pookie, Pookie. Wherefore art thou Pookie?)

Well-Scott is gone... :( I miss him already. As I was walking up to the front door tonight I heard his voice from inside the apartment. I thought to myself, "Well that's strange I didn't see his car. I wonder if he missed the plane!" Then I opened the door and realized he was on the answering machine! After a lot of swearing and frantic searching I found the phone.

He said his plane was delayed this afternoon and so he missed his connecting fight, ect...He left at 11am and finally got to Kennewick at 10pm! I could tell he was nervous because he kept asking if he should go get a hair cut in the morning before his interview. Silly! I think the conclusion was that he should not and then we said goodnight and hung up. He will call me with the first results late Thursday night. I know he'll do well.

Now, I wait. I hate being alone in this town. I feel like crawling into the window and waiting for Scott to come home...sort of like a very large, furless kitty!

The good news is that rehearsals for the show that I'm SMing for were so bad that we have Thursday off! The director gave up and said to send the actors home and hope they get better before Saturday. That's their first performance!! Which is fine for me since I was tired of watching them struggle to remember their blocking and skipping every other line. Plus one of the girls in the cast has decided she doesn't like me and has started causing trouble. I'm not sure why this is though since I only met the girl a few weeks ago and have been nothing but super nice to her despite her attitude. I think it might have something to do with she and the director. It's a big mess but it will be over soon anyway. Ahh, I love theatre.

Well, must sleep...Sigh.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stardate 08/16/2005 (You gotta take the sweet with the sour, Baby)

discover what candy you are @ quiz me
Yesterday was plain awful! My Dad had a stroke and I woke up to the phone call from the hospital. He's ok though. I talked to him later. I think that he's going to be getting a pace maker.
Today has been sort of a blah day. Nothing has happened-yet. I have rehearsal in a few minutes so we'll see...
Scott is so nervous now he can't sit still. I just know he's going to be great!
Oh! And-I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! It was great! I laughed and I cried! Now I can't wait for the next one. I'm going to be so sad when the story ends!!! Maybe she'll write about Harry until he's old and grey.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy Monday all! Mine was crap how was yours????? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Scott toasts Pookies, Poodles and Mommies. Posted by Picasa

Stardate 08/14/2005 (Praise to Scott's Mommy)

White Wolf Lodge-Quaint Atmosphere Yummy Food. Posted by Picasa

Scott and I received a lovely gift yesterday...Scott's Mommy made us reservations at the White Wolf Lodge for dinner! So I got out of an all day rehearsal early (YAY!) and we drove to Yosemite to dine. On our way we stopped off in the valley to have (maybe) one last look around and buy T-shirts (Just like the tourists!!) We were then rewarded on our way out of the valley floor with not one but two brown bear sightings!!! This was the first time I had ever seen a bear in the wild-Very Exciting!!! We then drove up to the pass and had dinner. The cafe is a small converted ranger house. We sat inside, although the porch in candle light was lovely, due to the fact it was only 40 degrees outside!! We dined on trout with shrimp sauce, rice and steamed green beans, veggie stew, salad, espresso cheesecake and lots of coffee!! It was one of the nicest dinners Scott and I have ever had together. Thanks to Scott's Mommy for a wonderful evening. We could not have had a better send off from Yosemite. Plus we've been so stressed lately it was a nice break from it all.

Only four more days!! It was all we could talk about on the way to Yosemite yesterday. Cross your fingers, say your prayers or think happy thoughts-Whichever may please you- And hope that Scott is the prettiest Pookie they have ever seen!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I love to read. Posted by Picasa

Stardate 08/10/2005 (Reading Passes the Time Quite Nicely)

I just finished an incredible book...Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. I had no idea Judy Blume wrote books for adults until I stumbled upon this in a stack of fifty cent Good Will books! It's "an exceptionally moving story that can leave the reader laughing and crying..." It's true! I highly recommend it to my readers. :) In fact if anyone would like my copy I will send it to them!
As to the rest of life...Well, it's mostly just hurry up and wait now. Rehearsals are coming along and the shows open in two weeks. We have our first rehearsal in the outdoors space on Saturday. That will be interesting to say the least. Scott has been working extra hard these days. I guess he's trying to further prove to himself that he's ready for bigger and better things. And that's about it...We wake, we work, we play and we sleep and await a new day to do it all again.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Stardate 08/07/2005 (Scott's New Clothes)

Scott getting fitted at the Men's Warehouse. Posted by Picasa

We went to Modesto yesterday and bought Scott new clothes for his interviews! He had N-O-T-H-I-N-G to wear!! The only clothes he has that aren't from his high school days are the few things I've bought him. SO off we went. He needs to look fancy for his interviews. So, after a looooong time at the mall (and a lot of money) we came away with two nice shirts, two very lovely ties that match said shirts, a pair of cuff links, a belt and a pair of suit pants (fitted to his specifics-34x36). He looks marvelous! After all of that...They had better hire him!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Them. Posted by Picasa

Us. Posted by Picasa

Stardate 08/05/2005 (Breathe in...)

Sigh. We can breathe at last. Everett called Scott this afternoon. They want him to fly up! Yay! So he now has an interview the 18th with Kennewick and on the 19th with Everett. He was just beaming today! His head is so big now...He said to me tonight, "I must be good. I can't believe I have two papers who want me." He's cute when he's humble.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Midsummer Night's Dream. Posted by Picasa

Stardate 08/04/2005 (And waiting...)

Scott had another sort of mini interview today with the Everett paper. He said it went well. We are hoping that they will call tomorrow with their verdict. Will they or won't they? You know once they behold the beauty of the Pez then the deal will be sealed. If they don't call tomorrow I think Scott might have some sort of brain hemorrhage from all of his stressing. Let's hope they call!

I tried my costume on today...I am very S&M warrior girl. Lots of black leather straps and studs. It's cool I guess. Our first show is in a few weeks and we still have not had a single rehearsal with all of the cast! Ah community theatre...Got to love it.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Waiting. Posted by Picasa

Stardate 08/02/2005 (The Two S's-Sickness and Suspense)

Most women my age would spend their days dreaming of owning fancy clothes or having a man to buy them diamonds...all I find myself dreaming of these days (besides leaving this town) is health care. That's right folks...I am sick AGAIN! I was sent home today and spent the rest of my day in a drowsy stupor. I have been sick about 90% of the time that we have lived here. The worst part is that I'm sure I could feel better if I could only go to the doctor!

Scott had his interview with Everett today. It went well. He was glowing after he got off of the phone. I'm assuming that that's a good sign. He said that they will be calling him at the end of the week as to whether or not they want a face-to-face interview. So now we wait again. We wait until the end of the week and then we wait until the 18th. Then we wait some more. ARGGHHHHH! The suspense is killing me. I love it.

Monday, August 01, 2005

I've been thinking about my college years a lot today...Sigh. I miss school. Posted by Picasa