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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Stardate 10/30/2005 (Poor Little Suzie-My Pumpkin Carving Story)

So today I awoke to discover that there was (and had been all along) a monster living in the pumpkin I bought weeks ago! He had been lying in wait for the perfect time to show himself. Today was the day. And outside his pumpkin house door stood yet another surprise to me... Little Suzie from the pumpkin next door! She just couldn't wait for me to carve that door so she could shout those magic words and receive her just deserts. Careful what you wish for little Suzie...You just might get it! Posted by Picasa

I needed to free little Suzie and her host from their pumpkin prison. The only way in for me was through the roof. Posted by Picasa

The furry monster from next door came to participate in the fun. I had to quell the beasts urges with a scratch behind the ears. Little Suzie was safe-for now. Posted by Picasa

The monster's pumpkin house was full of guts and gore. I dug and dug yet there seemed no end to the carnage. But I pushed on, focused, readying the house for little Suzie's arrival. Posted by Picasa

As the rain and cold begin to worsen I move inside. The pumpkin house is taking shape and little Suzie has emerged from her pumpkin skin. Posted by Picasa

Here we can see that Little Suzie has taken shape...As well as the owner of the pumpkin house! They are hard to make out so let's just turn out the lights. Shall we? Posted by Picasa

Darkness descends...Here we can see little Suzie as she shouts out a very surprised "Trick or Treat"! Posted by Picasa

As the night gathers about the little pumpkin house our story ends. Everyone say goodbye to little Suzie...I don't think she's going to make it to see another Halloween! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 28, 2005

Stardate 10/28/2005 (Costume Crazy)

I love dressing up for Halloween! Here's a picture of one of my favorite costumes. It was very last minute but it was good enough to win first place at the Halloween party we went to!

Here I am last Halloween. Posted by Picasa

A view of the kitty from above. Posted by Picasa

Fur coat, scarf, wig and crazy socks...throw in some makeup and I'm good to go! Posted by Picasa

Tell me about your best Halloween costume!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stardate 10/27/2005 (Happy Holidaze)

It's funny because something strange happens this time of year...Time speeds up! It all starts flying by so fast that the stores can't keep up. I mean has anyone been to the grocery store lately? It's alarming the amount of holiday crap they have everywhere. Pumpkins, bags of candy, plastic skeletons, frozen turkeys, little paper pilgrims, santa and ornaments all on the same aisle! They don't know what holiday it is!!

Random link of the week

This will make you giggle:

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ah...Autumn. Posted by Picasa

Stardate 10/26/2005 (Fall)

I am so amazed at how this new world I live in has so suddenly steeped itself in fall. The things that were bathed in the ruddy light of sunset only days ago are now covered in a blanket of deep shadows. The clouds have turned from a million shades of white to lead. The air snaps and tingles on it's way past your nose. Trees, which only just changed their garb from green to red and yellow, have suddenly (apparently all receiving the memo at the same time) shed their leaves. These golden feathers cover the ground, the window sills and some even make it to the highway to play in the woosh made by the rushing cars. Pumpkins squat on porches and in the windows of the shops downtown. Every cafe has a sign announcing things like "We have hot apple cider" and "Try our eggnog-It's delicious!" Flower beds are withered grave yards. T-shirts have transformed into sweaters. Sounds have become somehow muffled and more like the things you hear in a dream. Fog creeps in the moment the sun is extinguished and lies in wait for the morning's dawn. The geese have long since honked their way across the sky. And the neighborhood squirrels are rushing to bury last minute supplies. It's fall here. It's beautiful.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Stardate 10/25/2005 (Star Wars III)

I just saw a trailer for the Star Wars Episode III DVD. I can't wait to watch it again. It was by far my favorite of the first three. What can I say? I loved it from begining to end. It's kind of sad that the whole thing is over now. It was kind of nice looking forward to each new movie.

Oh well....At least I'll still have Harry Potter to look forward to!!
(The trailer for that was just on and it looks incredible.)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Traffic in front of me... Posted by Picasa

Traffic behind me... Posted by Picasa

Traffic, traffic, everywhere! Posted by Picasa

Stardate 10/24/2005 (Moving at a snail's pace)

My stuck in traffic face. Posted by Picasa

Other than getting stuck in traffic today I had a good day. Nothing spectacular happened. I just had a good day. I got up on time, got to work in under twenty minutes, my desk was nice and clean when I got to work (I still can't believe I work at a desk-my own desk), nothing stressful happened all day!

Also went to the post office today and....Drum roll please....Sent forty pounds of books off for the kids in South Korea! I could not believe it.

Oh! And a very special thanks to Scott's Mommy for her donation to my cause. It helped, believe me!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Happy B-day Erin! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Stardate 10/22/2005 (I'm a calming presence?)

Your Hidden Talent

Your natural talent is interpersonal relations and dealing with people.
You communicate well and are able to bring disparate groups together.
Your calming presence helps everything go more smoothly.
People crave your praise and complements.
Erin is coming for a visit today! It's her B-day...Time to party.
Hey-Check out your Driver's License on the internet!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

They'll take them but not me? Posted by Picasa

Stardate 10/20/2005 (I are smart)

Today the girl I work with told me she thinks that I am "the smartest person (she) has ever met". She said the "truthfulness of the things (I) say about the American people" amazes her. I was speechless. I was also a little sad for her. She should really get out more. ;)

She's a sweet girl though. I love her accent (She's Bosnian) and she seems to really know her stuff. It's nice working with people who actually work and aren't slacking off all the time!

So my Mom says that I should write more "personal" things on my blog but to tell you the truth there is not a lot to tell right now. I wake up at 6am every weekday... I drive in to the next town over (fighting traffic)...I work all day (doing meaningless tasks)...I come home and make dinner, sew, watch TV, blog and eventually fall asleep watching The Daily Show. It's not much but it's my life...Sigh. The best part of my week is the one day Scott and I have off together. We have breakfast together, drink way too much coffee and talk about all kinds of nonsense. It's great.

Three Things I Wish I Could Change About My Current Life:
1. I wish I could use my degree and get a job I really like.
2. I wish I could go to a doctor and get healthy.
3. I wish I had friends to hang out with.

Here are the answers to the Four Truths and Four Lies:
(Thanks to Katie for taking a shot at guessing which were which.)

1. I majored in Fashion Design in college. (True) I was enrolled in the Fashion Design department at TWU for my entire Junior year. I was having doubts about my choice of majors.

2. I am not a natural red head. (False) I am very much a natural red head. Both of my parents have red hair so it was inevitable. I have even been known to dye my hair redder! I haven't dyed my hair in a couple of years, though, so what you see is what you get.

3. I was once struck by lightning. (False) I was, however, in a car that was struck by lightning. It was the loudest noise and the brightest light I have ever experienced.

4. I am a published writer. (True) I have been published three times, once in a medical journal and twice in books of poetry.

5. I got in a fight with a NHL hockey player. (True) This one is kind of complicated to explain. Let's just say I don't care how famous you are, there is no need to be foul or rude to a group of women.

6. I once drove from California to Texas without stopping. (False) I stopped and took a nap in El Paso! The trip was 32 hours long and I'm glad I only had to do it once.

7. I enlisted in the Army. (True) Sorry Katie. I did enlist my senior year of high school...However, my final paper work was rejected by the Army doctors. Even though I had clearance from all of my doctors the Army felt I was a risk. I can't even begin to imagine how different my life would have been if they had taken me.

8. I've played more men than a women on stage. (False) I have played men four times on stage. This includes two different times I played a god (One of which was a four thousand year old, Asian, bald god!!) I once had a director tell me he would have loved to cast me in a great male part but my "boobs" were too big and he just couldn't get past that!

Well Mom, I hope that was all personal enough for you! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Stardate 10/18/2005 (Truths and Lies)

I feel that I should write something today...But what? Nothing too exciting is going on right now.

Oh! I saw a movie in the theatre (first time in about six months) last night. We saw the new Sci-Fi Serenity and I must say that it was pretty good. Good plot, awesome special effects and great character development. If you are into Sci-Fi I highly recommend it.

That's about it for the excitement... So, to make this post more interesting I thought I would steal this from Katie's blog:

Four Truths and Four Lies

1. I majored in Fashion Design in college.

2. I am not a natural red head.

3. I was once struck by lightning.

4. I am a published writer.

5. I got in a fight with a NHL hockey player.

6. I once drove from California to Texas without stopping.

7. I enlisted in the Army.

8. I've played more men than a women on stage.

Anyway-Have fun trying to figure out which of these are true and which are outrageous lies!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Stardate 10/14/2005 (A Monday Meme on a Friday)

Monday Meme 21 : 2005-10-10 : Recent History 5's

1. What were you doing 5 minutes ago?

Eating Pirate's Booty (don't be thinking dirty) and checking everyone's blogs!

2. What were you doing 5 hours ago?

Work, work, work...Must push those papers around, make those files, copy those forms, send those checks out, make those calls...or the world as we know it will end. It's a lot of pressure but I deal.

3. What were you doing 5 days ago?

Scott and I were at the mall pretending to shop. It's this game were I try to look at things and he follows me around and sighs a lot and then we leave and I go back another day alone and find what I'm looking for. :)

4. What were you doing 5 months ago?

After consulting my planner I see that I was at the auditions for Shakespeare in the Park! We also went to my Mom's that day because it was a few days after my B-day and she baked my favorite cake!!

5. What were you doing 5 years ago?

I was sitting in my little apartment in Denton, Tx studying for exams! It was the first semester of my senior "year". I was also learning my lines (and how to juggle) for a show called Popol Vuh:The Myan Creation Myth. I played "Death".

I was the 252nd person to take this week's Monday Meme!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Your Brain's Pattern

Your brain is always looking for the connections in life.
You always amaze your friends by figuring out things first.
You're also good at connecting people - and often play match maker.
You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white.

Stardate 10/13/2005 (Cheap Books!)

I had today off so I combed the thrift shops for books. I wasn't having much luck until the last place I went. They were closing in thirty minutes so I found a few books and went to check out. Then the check out lady said the most wonderful thing to me, "You know the paper back books are four for a dollar right?" Gasp! I ran back and grabbed as many children's books I could find. It was great! My box of books is now half full! Yay!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Stardate 10/11/2005 (Books for charity)

"Do give books - religious or otherwise - for Christmas. They're never fattening, seldom sinful, and permanently personal." Lenore Hershey

Most of you don't know this but every year (no matter my personal/financial situation) I take it upon myself to do something for charity. In the past I have donated to various charities, volunteered and even adopted an "angel" one year.

This year I have several projects that I am working on. I've decided that my theme for the year will be books. All of my charity efforts will go to giving books to those who do not have them.

One of my projects is donating books to a small school South Korea. The English teacher there is a fellow member and has requested help. I am currently collecting donations of books and money (for postage and to buy more books). If you are interested in helping please e-mail me. I would greatly appreciate any help that you can offer. I'll be sending these books out at the end of October.

"October is crisp days and cool nights, a time to curl up around the dancing flames and sink into a good book." John Sinor

If you can't help out now but want to do something later please give to the hurricane effort.

I look at it this way: No matter how bad my day is...There are always thousands of others who have it a hundred times worse everyday of their life. If I can help even one of those people have a better life (or just brighten their day a bit) why not give all that I can and more.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Monday Everyone!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Stardate 10/09/2005 (Our first house guest)

Erin came for a visit! We went to breakfast this morning and then drove down to the dock. That's the USS Lincoln in the background. This poor ship will now forever be know as the ship on which Bush stood in front of a large banner that read "Mission Accomplished" and declared that the "war" was over. Anyway-Yay that Erin came to visit! Posted by Picasa

Such a loving brother and sister. Posted by Picasa

I'm entertaining myself while they plan their next activity. Posted by Picasa

Here they are folks...What are they doing you might ask?? Writing a song to be used as Erin's voice mail recording. Silly people! What else would we be doing in the parking lot behind the newspaper. Duh! Posted by Picasa