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Monday, July 31, 2006

Technic@l difficu!tttiesss/////

After contracting a few nasty viruses and having "Doctor Pez" attempt to give her the wrong kind of medicine my laptop sucumbed to the heat and stress. That's right...My laptop suffered a heat stroke! Her fan was not cooling her off enough and her hard drive got a little toasted trying to fight off the infections.

So we took her to see a real, qualifed doctor. They gave her a transplant and now she's as good as new.

It was touch and go there for a while and we thought she was going to come back with a swiss cheese memory but never fear...all of our quality photos and videos are safe and sound inside her new brain!

Whew! That was close.

Tahlula, you're the best laptop ever! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 24, 2006

Day 1: On the road to Conclave 2006

Erin, Scott, The Pookie Moose and I got up early and loaded the car.
We headed off to Silver Falls.

(After a few detours. Including paying off our furniture!!)

We had a great trip. It was a fun road trip and it gave us all time to prepare for the coming days. Posted by Picasa

Day 1: Making camp

We made it!

Pulling into the campsites we saw many conclavians milling about and unpacking their cars. We made camp with the Pez Mommy (aka Moonwriter) and settled into our new space.

This was going to be great I could just feel it!!! Posted by Picasa

Day 1: The first group campfire

After everyone was settled in we had our first group gathering around the campfire. We introduced ourselves (via the flashlight microphone) and got to know our fellow students. Posted by Picasa

Day 1: Goodnight Moon

Then it was time for bed...I was so excited for the days to come it was hard to go to sleep! Posted by Picasa

Day 2: O what a beautiful morning

Waking up amid the sounds of happy campers and the wind in the trees was so refreshing.

We ate a great breakfast and then walked around camp getting to know our new friends better. Posted by Picasa

Day 2: The Long Hike

The big activity of the day was the Silver Falls Canyon Trail hike. This would take us up, over and around the falls within the canyon.

After a bit of a mix-up we got to where we were supposed to be. Posted by Picasa

Day 2: Found the trailhead

We found the trail and headed on our way... Everyone was very excited. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Day 2: So much beauty in such a small amount of space

Each view more beautiful than the last... Posted by Picasa

Halfway... Posted by Picasa

Day 2: Still hiking....

Although the hike was long and very hot it was well worth it for the views. Posted by Picasa

Day 2: Wand Making

My favorite class of the entire conclave was Wand Making. We learned how to extract the center of alderwood in order to incert objects.

We also added crystal tips and sealed it with oil and putty.

I was very pleased with the final product. Posted by Picasa

Day 2: Renewal

As the sun began to set some of us participated in a renewal ritual. The goal was to help each of us to find new strength from within with the help of each others positive energy.

I felt it was a very positive experience. And it was the first I had ever attended. Posted by Picasa

Day 2: Bardic Circle

That evening we had what is called a Bardic Circle. We sat around and sang songs, shared ghost stories and jokes.

It was a great time for bonding. Posted by Picasa

Day 3: A Bad start to a good day

After a terrible night of not sleeping (too much noise in the camp next to us) I woke up not feeling too good.

I went off to a bag making class while Scott headed to Herbology. While I sewed Scott made me a tea to help make me feel better.

After class I drank the tea and had some breakfast. Then I hung around camp (aka napped) for a while so Scott could go running and Erin could go to the store. Posted by Picasa

Day 3: Staying cool

In the heat (100 degrees) of the afternoon we went for a swim and then headed for the showers.

The men's showers were closed so Erin and I snuck Scott into the women's.

Here he is looking very guilty. Posted by Picasa

Day 3: Class=Dinner

For dinner we took a class on cooking while camping. We made a variety of dishes. Everyone had a great time and the food turned out pretty good. Posted by Picasa

Tired feet Posted by Picasa

Day 3: Round the camp fire

After dinner we all headed to the group camp fire for entertainment and desert. Posted by Picasa

Day 3: Big Foot and the stars

Afterwards we attended Bill's class on Big Foot. His lecture was very interesting but not as much as his imitation of Big Foot's call.

After the sound faded from the woods the Christian camp next to us settled down and was very quiet for a very long time. (No doubt huddeling in their tents with fear of the Second Coming.)

Once I recovered from a severe case of the giggles I attended Moonwriter's class on star gazing.

Then it was off to bed to dream of another great day in the woods. Posted by Picasa

Day 4: Saying Good Bye

As we woke up on the final morning we were all a little sad. We knew that Conclave was drawing to an end. After a light breakfast we headed to the group firepit.

As we stood in a circle we all reflected on the last few days. We went around the circle telling of our favorite moments and of what we liked best. New friends, hands on learning and a renewal of spirit was at the top of the list.

After the meeting we signed each others Grimoire like they were yearbooks. As folks drifted from the circle last goodbyes were said.

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again! Posted by Picasa

Day 4: Packing up

We were all very sad to leave...but it was time to go. We packed up, said goodbye to all of our new friends and headed home. The first official conclave of Grey School over but not soon forgotten. Posted by Picasa

Group Picture-Conclave 2006

The first gathering....
Conclave 2006! Posted by Picasa