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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Chariot Card
You are the Chariot card. The Chariot has the
energy to succeed. Their ambition and drive
leads them into competition, and they often
come out the victor. The fast-paced energy of
the chariot is met with the ability to control
and lead. The Charioteer's leadership is not
authoritarian but rather an attempt to bring
their team to victory. The Charioteer can be
obedient to those who have proven themselves in
a position of leadership. Physical prowess and
activity are important to the meaning of this
card. Travel is found here as a journey of
personal growth. Moving from one point to
another in attempt to find a better place may
be taken both literally and as a metaphor for
the inner self. Image from: Dorothy Simpson

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Stardate 11/29/2005 (First Show)

You Are Pecan Pie Soda

Sweet, but totally nuts
What Jones Holiday Soda Are You?

My first real shift at the theatre was awesome! I'm soooo tried but it is soooo worth it!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Stardate 11/28/2005 (What happened Sunday after the snow)

So-I worked at the theatre for the first time on Sunday. Well-I had been in once before but this was like real work. The theatre is in the building in the left corner of the picture. I was walking to work and couldn't resist snaping a pic just like a tourist. Work was great and I got a lot done. The show previews on Tuesday so my life is about to get a lot busier! This is going to be great. Posted by Picasa

A view of the "International" fountain. Erin and I speculated that it may be called such because they import water from different countries to shoot out of each spout. We could be wrong. This is the center of the center of the Seattle Center. Center House, where Book-it Theatre is, is just right of the center. :) Anyway-This is one of the things I see when I walk from my car to the theatre. Posted by Picasa

Erin came to visit after work and to present her new Seattle monorail set...Crash kit not included. After dining in the food court we scooted over to the Pike Place Movie Theatre to see Rent! It was great fun. Although I suspect it has more emotional impact on the stage-live. So to recap...I had a very fun Sunday. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Stardate 11/27/2005 (What's this?)

Look at what we found on the car this morning! Posted by Picasa

Snow! Very light. Very nearly all melted by the time we realized it had happened. Who knows how much had melted away before we got there? It's not even December. What the heck is going on? I can't believe it. Nothing like Alaska mind you. But-Who cares? Yay! Snow!!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 25, 2005

Stardate 11/24/2005 (Thanksgiving Day)

Thanksgiving in Portland! It was awesome!! We had lots of fun and tons of grand American tradition. I hope everyone had a great turkey day.

We got up early to ready ourselves (and the food) for the upcoming feast. However, we must take a break to photograph our Thanksgiving pouty faces. Posted by Picasa

The poodle takes a short Thanksgiving morning nap in preparation of the long day ahead. Posted by Picasa

Gammie (and Joe) arrived... Posted by Picasa

and made her way to the kitchen to make more food! Posted by Picasa

We did some yoga in the living room... Posted by Picasa

while Ernie helped Bill in the kitchen. Posted by Picasa

One of the many minor holiday arguments: Fight #1-The placing of the chairs incident Posted by Picasa

The Mommy and Bill hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Posted by Picasa

Happy Thanksgiving! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stardate 11/23/2005 (Gobble, Gobble)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sam. Posted by Picasa

Stardate 11/22/2005 (Goodbye Sam)

Sam-World's Ugliest Dog has passed away! This year when he won this title he sparked a lot of creativity among the staff of the paper. The news room (and myself) got together and wrote many a haiku in honor of Sam. Why you might ask? Why not?? Anyway-Sam is gone now to a better place...Where I am sure he will hold the title of Ugliest Dog for all of eternity!

Last Haiku for Sam by R. Price

Sorry to hear-Sam
That you've spread your doggy wings
Away to heaven.

So in hopes of lifting your spirits after this terrible news here are two fun links:

For the kitty lovers out there Scott found this one today at work.

For those of you who love South Park-You MUST check this one of courtesy of Katie!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Harry Potter rocks! Posted by Picasa

Stardate 11/20/2005 (Fun in the Fog)

Today it was foggy-Again! It's been like this for days. I'm really liking it except for now it is beginning to feel a bit creepy. It's like the fog has swallowed the rest of the world and the greater Seattle area is just a floating island in space.

Anyway-So we adventured out into the fog today for a day of fun...Off we went to the Alderwood Mall (the largest mall in the state of WA) to see Harry Potter. Well-first we had a very yummy lunch at Claim Jumpers. Then it was off to the hundred screen multi-mega-super plex. After thirty minutes of commercials (and a environmental message narrated by Alanis Morissette????!!!$%$#) the movie began. And-It was almost as wonderful as I thought it would be. Scott and I enjoyed it quite a bit. We did not, however, enjoy the droves of stupid parents and their horrid off-spring. Sigh. That's what we get for not going to the midnight showing. So then it was off to wander through the mall. We strolled through for about five minutes, after which Scott was bored, and then had a drink at Starbucks.

Then I discovered that I had five missed calls on my cell!!!!! Who would be calling little ol' me on a Sunday afternoon?????? Erin!!! Always good for some laughs and such. So we hustled over to Seattle to have dinner on the wharf with the Pretty Poodle-head.

Anyway-long story short (too late)....I had a great day today here in the state of Washington. And now I will sleep the sleep of the dead so that I may get up for work in the morning. I only have to do this for three days this week. Yay for short weeks (oh yeah-and Thanksgiving and the pilgrims that brought this lovely holiday to us).

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Seattle is great. Posted by Picasa

Stardate 11/17/2005 (Am I boring?)

Well folks, I still have nothing to report...I feel like I'm getting boring in my old age. I should post something though. I just had chicken for dinner. I'm cold. Someone complimented me on my outfit today. I'm watching Seinfeld right now. I'm reading Bridget Jones:the Edge of Reason.

Oh yeah-I did all of my paper work today for my new job. I got a tour of the theatre and had a great view of the Space Needle (up close-real close). Plus, I now have keys to the Seattle Center! This is going to be great.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stardate 11/15/2005 (I'm the stuffing!)

You Are the Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.
People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

What Part of Thanksgiving Are You?
That's me! Stuffing all the way!
Thanksgiving is almost here!!
Turkey, stuffing and pie!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Stardate 11/14/2005 (Winter?)

This morning when I got in my car to go to work I discovered that my windows had ice on them! What is going on? I guess the Fall portion of the year is quickly dissolving into Winter. Today the high was 47 degrees!

I know for some of you this is not "cold" but to me it is. Where I come from we wear shorts to the table at Thanksgiving! Sometimes even at Christmas time! (It was 80 degrees yesterday in Dallas)

Here though...Oh, here this weather is perfect. Even when it rains it's perfect. Today the air was crisp and the sky was clear and crystal blue. Tomorrows forecast? Rain! I love this weather.

Other than rejoicing in the glory that is Washington weather...not much is going on right now. I do seem to be counting down to more exciting days though. Harry Potter opens in theatres on Friday!! Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I start my other job right after. Then the chaos that is X-mas follows. Quickly behind is the night of drinking and shouting Happy New Year! I don't know about you kids but this is why I love this time of year. So many fun things all crammed into the last three months of the year.

Which South Park kid are you most like?


You are extremely naive. You'll believe whatever anyone tells you. This is because your parents have sheltered you.

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I actually was Tweak but I went back and retook the test so I could pretend to be Butters (he's my favorite).

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I don't drink beer but I found this on Jeff's blog and thought it was funny. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rain! Posted by Picasa

Stardate 11/10/2005 (Cold + Rain= Lovin' it)

It's raining. It's cold. I love it here! The only weird thing is that it rains as hard as it does in Texas but without the thunder and lightning. That's about the only thing I miss about Texas...The magnificent thunderstorms! I also miss the tornado alarms going off every other night.

So there has been several unfortunate health related problems in my life lately. I don't want to go into details but I do want to ask everyone a favor...If you pray, meditate or have happy thoughts to spare please direct some the way of my cousin in law Chris (he was hit by a car and is in serious condition), my Grandfather who is in the hospital and not looking too good and well just send some my way too if you've got it to spare. Many thanks and hugs to all.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Scott insisted that I take pictures of him in his new running digs. Notice the shoes match (that was an accident but he likes to pretend it was on purpose). Yes folks, after a lot of down time (due to his hip, knee and video games) Scott is up and running again.  Posted by Picasa

So here's the posed shot. Posted by Picasa

The watch pose...No male model's portfolio is complete without it. Posted by Picasa