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Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts...

I am sending Gammie all of my happy thoughts...

Please send your happy thoughts and prayers to Bend, Or...To the Pez kids Grandma/Pez Mommy's Mom...She needs all of them she can get!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Seattle in the Fall...Beautiful. Posted by Picasa

It was such a nice day that I took my camera to work...Here I am on the way in... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Another great Grey School meeting! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 18, 2006

Vacation...All I ever wanted...

My schedule is about to become very busy and Scott has not taken any vacation time since very early this year so....We decided to take a short vacation while we had the chance.

Our plan was...Not to have a plan!

So late Thursday morning we packed the car and started driving south. Posted by Picasa

We drove all the way to Astoria, Or.

We had dinner at this dive of a place that served fresh seafood, had a good look around town and then realized that we were very tired. Posted by Picasa

We decided to spend the night there.

We drove around a bit and found a motel on the edge of town that didn't cost a fortune.

Our "room" was really a two story, two bed cabin like thing. It was great!

And it had a pretty good view too.

We went to bed early so we could have lots of fun at the beach the next day. Posted by Picasa

Friday morning we drove down the Oregon coast. After a quick stop in Seaside we headed down to the main attraction....

Haystack Rock!

(Just like on Goonies!!) Posted by Picasa

Cannon Beach, OR
Posted by Picasa

The beach was so beautiful (and windy).

I decided that if things don't work out in Everett we should move to the Oregon coast.

Good plan, right? Posted by Picasa

After Cannon Beach we drove down to Tillamook.

This was my second favorite highlight of the trip. I was really looking forward to going on the tour (and eating cheese!!!!!!) Posted by Picasa

It's very famous cheese! Posted by Picasa

The factory was amazing.

It was so much fun seeing a 40 pound block of cheese being first squeezed out of a big vat and then being sent to the workers to be cut and packaged.

(I'm sure they must just love being oggled all day long!) Posted by Picasa

The finished product!


Posted by Picasa

After we left the factory we headed over to Portland.

All day Saturday was spent at Scott's Dad's house. We ate great food and watched the Ducks barely escape being beat out for the 7th time against Oklahoma.

Final score: Ducks 34 Sooners 33 Posted by Picasa

Sunday morning we got up and hung out with Erin, The Mommy and Bill. A good time was had by all.

(Notice that Bill is doing yard work. This is a pre-Gammie arrival tradition.) Posted by Picasa

We drove Erin to the train station early Sunday afternoon. Posted by Picasa

After we dropped Erin off we drove up to the Pittock Mansion. It was very big and very pretty. I can't believe that there were (and are) people who owned houses like these. Posted by Picasa

We spent Sunday and part of today with Gammie (and Ernie) and had a lot of fun.

After Gammie made us breakfast this morning we took the poodle out to piddle and then jumped in the car.

Down the road, around the hills and home at last.

It's funny because when I get home from a trip I always feel a mixture of sadness and happiness. I'm glad to be home but I miss the adventure of being away. Posted by Picasa

We had a great vacation! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 11, 2006

We had a special remember 9/11 party...Is that wrong?

Had way too much fun at Erin's...Must sleep now! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 04, 2006

We had a great Grey School meeting on Sunday. Everyone seems to have a really good time and we are getting stuff rolling for community projects and for next year's Conclave. I really hope this group maintains it's steam.

Anyway-We had a blast at Starbuck's! Posted by Picasa

Plus-We went to Johnny Rockets again and had very yummy food! What a great Sunday evening.
 Posted by Picasa