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Monday, November 27, 2006

Today's temp...22 degrees!

SNOW! Posted by Picasa

Lots of snow!! Posted by Picasa

Lots and lots of snow!!! Posted by Picasa

Snow makes us happy...very happy!!!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Today was the day of the long awaited Seattle Marathon. We woke up at 4am and Scott did his morning ritual. Then David and Camilla came to the house and we met up with Kate and her boyfriend. After fighting traffic (and rain and snow) we got to the Seattle Center around 7:45am. The race began at 8:15am and there were at least a thousand people trying to hide under things and get out of the drizzle. Posted by Picasa

The rain stopped just before the race began. Here they are waiting for their start. Posted by Picasa

Our first stop to watch the runners was at one of the bridges for Mile 5 and Mile 9. Almost as soon as we got there it started raining again...hard. We stood in the rain for about 45 minutes first watching as they ran on one side and then waiting for them to turn around and come back. Posted by Picasa

Here he comes...Looking good! Posted by Picasa

Another stop and more rain...but we kept ourselves busy by snapping lots of pictures. Posted by Picasa

Our last chance to see Scott, David and Kate was at Mile 14.
Scott looked good as he loped towards us out of the crowd of runners. I explained we would not see him again until the finish and he looked a bit blank in return. He was ok but just a tad out of it. I knew he would be alright though. Posted by Picasa

Then we waited in the rain again at the finish line. We cheered the runners as they came into the final stretch. Some were limping, a few trotted along with their children and one lady did a cartwheel!

We stretched to catch a glimpse of Scott as he came in to finish and then suddenly there he was! He was running along at a good pace as we shouted from the sidelines..."Go ZOLTAR!!"

He made it! Posted by Picasa

After it was over we all went inside to warm up. The runners ate clam chowder and talked about their triumph. Posted by Picasa

Congrats Scott!

I am very proud of you.

Final time: 4hours 19minutesPosted by Picasa

Friday, November 24, 2006

O Xmas tree, o xmas tree how lovely are your artificial branches...

Today was the first time in my life that I have been out shopping on "Black Friday" and boy was it scarey!!!!! I did hit some great sales though.

After I fought the crowds for a while I came home and....put up the christmas tree so I would have some place to display all of my finds! Look close there might be a gift for you all under the tree. ;) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone-Again!


We went to Kai's today for Thanksgiving Party #2.

Scott and I had thought about staying home and eating pizza but managed to get up off our butts long enough to go have some great food with both strangers and friends alike.

(Check out Kai-She's offering me one of her "dough" balls!) Posted by Picasa

To be honest, I spent most of the night on the sofa talking to the cat ('cause I'm cool like that) but for me that's a great time!

Oh, and Erin and I spent a lot of time taking pictures. Posted by Picasa

Then my camera ran out of batteries...Maybe I took too many pictures of the cat and I?

Oh well, the moral of the story is we ate, drank and were VERY merry! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through the house...

It was a cold and stormy day. The sky was the color of steel and a light drizzle fell upon my shoulders as I hoofed it to the Seattle Center... Posted by Picasa

I worked for a little while. (They tried to give me the whole week off...but I am a good little worker bee and didn't want to get that far behind in my work.)
And then I went upstairs to squash the little people running around the food court!

All in all it was a pretty great day for me in the Emerald City. Posted by Picasa

And-I couldn't resist taking a picture of this very odd "holiday" wreath.

Anyway, Happy almost Thanksgiving! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

(We missed you Gammie.)

We had a great Thanksgiving...Food, puzzles and more food!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Scott, Erin and I wanted to hang out today so...We decided to go to the show, The Winter's Tale, at Seattle Shakes. It turned out to be very good! I think we all enjoyed it quite a bit. Posted by Picasa

After the show we went to Johnny Rockets and ate chili cheese fires and the like. We hung out at Barnes and Noble and then headed over to Starbucks for our Grey School meeting. No one, except us, showed up so we hopped in the car and drove Erin home. Oh well, no great harm done. We saw a great show, ate some great food and got to hang out (and take lots of pictures). Yes, indeed.... Posted by Picasa

Much fun was had by all! Posted by Picasa